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Hello there! 🖐️ This click test shows your current result and the best one (remembers results).

Check yor click speed in kohi click test, train it to earn good skills in your favorite games, compete with your friends and find out how fast you can click? On the left side you can select the number of seconds to pass the test. Have a good time! 😉


Check your mouse for double click test here. To test your cps use also cps counter

Kohi Click Test - What is it?

The Kohi click test is a practical tool for determining the number of clicks made per second. It is comparable to any CPS testing platform. The distinction is that it is hosted on a Kohi Minecraft server, which is widespread amid game modes of the Hard Core Factions. Kohi is the creator of the test, but several other sites refashioned this tap speed test for entertainment. This tool is located on a web page.

  • Kohi is a branch of MineHG, but it is the second is a byproduct of Minecraft PVP MCVP. Currently, Brawl Games run MCVP, but it was originally designed by ‘hclewk’.
  • This test is named after the Kohi PVP server, where the initially click-per-second calculation was presented.
  • Numerous click speed programs let operators discover the speed of the mouse is clicked within a specified period.
  • Mostly, users who play Minecraft game use this test to learn to play better. The key purpose of such a test is to increase the clicking speed in the course of the game.

  • Many players use the Kohi test worldwide. The speediness of a quick tap is vital. Minecraft PVP struggles depend on how many strikes you make and the precision of your target. To make many combos, it is necessary to learn to click the mouse quicker. This rapidity will help you smash your rival earlier than their strike.

    What is CPS?

    CPS is the English abbreviation that signifies clicks made in one second. Thus, it is obtained by dividing the sum of clicks by the amount of time they were made. The Kohi click test gives the CPS value rounded to two decimal places (dots). A click test specifies the clicking or tapping speed. There is a great number of quick test webpages, which you can use for free online.

    A well-designed CPS test likewise helps you check the quality of a PC mouse and know if it has actual potential when operating. Websites with online speed checks are best served by having a precise idea of how prompt you can click. These pages test your quickness within a definite period and generate a click score based on your performance through the test. To test the speed of your mouse, you may use the Kohi speed-testing site online right now.

    Origin of the Kohi Speed Click Test

    The testing program was developed for Minecraft servers. They are mostly built for complex games. Yet, you can also have various CPS tests online nowadays as well as through apps. People all over the globe can play the game to make a record of clicks. Several users also question the significance of the tester, since some users are naturally quick, and it is useless for them to try the Kohi test. Thus, the key reason for using the kohi click test is not only to keep the frequency of clicks per single second but to maintain exact targets when clicked as well.

    How the Kohi Test works

    To start calculating, click the "Start" button and carry on clicking as swiftly as possible. Unlike other tests, this CPS test does not have a countdown, you just need to press the "Stop" button yourself to record the result. If you want a test with automatic timing, try the Kohi click rate test. It offers a speed chart and your table of personal records under the buttons of the online test.

    Why is the click speed important?

    Gamers are often worried about how swift they can click, as this lets them increase their performance. Users need to move their fingers quickly to play Minecraft better. Data from free forums shows that gamers with 6-7 CPS are operative. Some claim that during Minecraft PvP Combat, users need to swing their weapons ten times per second minimum, which corresponds to 10 CPS. The quickness of the click defines the chances of hitting the enemy. Now, people say that the clicking speed is very important.

    Different kinds of click methods

    If initially the CPS Test was used to improve players’ gaming skills; over time, the test became a competitive game in which you can have fun. There are ways to click the mouse that gamers use to score more points. The following are the customary tricks while pressing which majority of gamers use. While you are about to perform a kohi click test, the unsurpassed and most effective way to do it is to use the mouse. It will only be sufficient to use the customary mouse type to click since it has two buttons positioned next to each other to increase the pace.

    Utilizing just two parallel buttons, gamers can try many types of clicks, involving the next:

    1 - Regular click:

    Regular click also has several subdivisions, counting single-click, right-click, along with double-click. The mentioned clicks are the most common click types performed by gamers. Click and drag is also a subsection of normal click, which nearly all gamers make.

    2 - Butterfly Click:

    This is among the fastest types of mouse clicks that are usually chosen by users who need to complete fast tasks. Furthermore, the butterfly click is valued by users who like playing, and wish to get top scores. This form of click can be difficult for novices.

    3 - Drag and drop:

    It is similarly one of the fastest tapping types and is right for PC gamers. Although dragging with the mouse is not difficult, and it is quite easy to learn.

    4 - Jitter clicks:

    This is a trained type of click that lets to click quickly, and immediately attain goals. A jitter click is somewhat similar to a drag-and-drop click, but such energetic clicking can also result in injury.

    5 - Automatic clicker:

    Particular software must be installed for this click type, as this cannot be done with a typical mouse.


    Kohi tester is a precise indicator of the clicker speed of the mouse. The test demonstrates how fast a player can perform throughout a game. Various technical experts claim that a standard mouse can manage to score more clicks than a touchpad, and that will result in higher scores in the game. The advice to the players who want to grow their click rate is to use all their determination and stamina to use the mouse as quickly as possible. The test requires your concentration and full absorption, so you can pass the Kohi test successfully.