Kohi Click Test per 1 Second Kohi Click Test 1 second

Hello there! 🖐️ Test your reaction speed and click speed - complete the Kohi click test per 1 second. This tool will help you train your skill in your favorite games, compete with your friends or just have fun. Good luck! 😉


Check your mouse for double click test here. To test your cps use also cps counter

Kohi Click Test per 1 Second - A good pace of clicking the mouse is a great indicator of gaming efficiency. It entails sufficient practice to boost your clicking speed. The unique Kohi speed test is comparable to the pointer of your average tap speed. The CPS tester consists of games that players try quite often, as such games require an adequate click pace to complete a game mission or win. The Kohi Clicker test per 1 second lets players detect the number of clicks or taps within a certain period.  CPS is the fastest mode of the clicking test. This variation is perfect not only for competition but also to enjoy the game. The activity takes just one second to play. This game variation is designed to detect the rate of mouse clicks in a single second. Most users indeed think that the test ends too soon and does not provide enough time to check the users’ clicking capability.

How can I get a top score in the Kohi Click Test 1 Second?

Gamers need to keep in mind that they have to do their best within just one second. It might seem that gamers cannot do much in such a limited interval. However, several players scored as much as 15 CPS. It is incredible, but many have reported reaching somewhere between 10 - 15 clicks in just one second.
 These amazing pros can do so by using various clicking techniques such as Jitter Clicking, Kohi Clicking, or Butterfly Clicking. One more focal point for gamers to pay attention to is the beginning of the activity. The prompt 1-second game starts the identical way as the other types of the game including clicks in 5 seconds, or half a minute, yet in this short version, the users have to be highly attentive and begin dynamically hitting the mouse. Typically, most gamers can effortlessly score from 8 to 10 clicks a second.

How to take the CPS Test

CPS Tester measures the pace of mouse clicking. It can also be played with your smartphone to test your clicking pace. Here is the guide to use this game:

  • Open the Kohi speed test per 1 second on your mobile /desktops
  • Choose the timer. The minimal game duration is just 1 second. You can select the timer, or just tap the blue boxes with various selections: 1 second, 10 seconds, one minute, and more, up to 1000 seconds interval.
  • Next, test your tapping or mouse-clicking rate by pressing on the big blue box. The task is to click as rapidly as you can do. (Clock begins ticking as you click first)
  • When the time is over, you can see the results. The score is represented by four adorable animals corresponding to your swiftness:

  • Slug Speed: CPS< 5
  • Cow Pace: 5 < CPS < 8
  • Fox Speed: CPS> 10
  • Rabbit Pace: 8 < CPS < 10

  • You may replay this game several times to improve your ability to click instantly. So, check out the test to know how quickly you can click in a 1-second interval.