Kohi Click Test per 1000 Seconds Kohi Click Test 1000 seconds

Hello there! 🖐️ Kohi click test per 1000 seconds - test your click speed or train your skill for online games. Also, you can just have fun competing with your friends. Good luck! 😉


Check your mouse for double click test here. To test your cps use also cps counter

Kohi Test Clicks in 1000 Seconds - The longest click test mode is “Speed Clicks made in 1000 seconds.” It allows the player to test his tapping speed but within an extended period. It is uncommon for gamers to click for 1000 seconds non-stop, but many users play just for fun. This game mode demonstrates how many rapid clicks were made within 1000 seconds.

The duration of this Kohi Click Test per 100 Seconds is rather long; as a result, the fingers may be hurt due to repeated clicks. As the game requires continuous finger movements, this activity will tire them out, even before the time limit runs out. Therefore, most players cannot repeatedly keep clicking for 1000 seconds. In fact, only dedicated players users select this type of test to assess their clicking speed. 

The prime task of getting a large number of clicks in an extended time-frame is to keep a consistent pace. Therefore, by growing your tapping speed, you will play other game s like Minecraft more effectively and complete your mission faster. So, why don’t you measure your clicker speed at an extended interval?

A 1000-second Kohi game is a precise instrument for players as it allows them to spend quality time with friends as well as train their clicking speed. With this longest clicker test, people can exercise sufficiently and thus play online games more proficiently! You also have a chance to spend quality time playing with your friends and family for a lengthy period of 1000-second click frequency test. Do you want to know how dynamically you can click in 1000 seconds?