Kohi Click Test per 15 Seconds Kohi Click Test 15 seconds

Hello there! 🖐️ Kohi click test per 15 seconds is a tool that is designed to help you train your click speed in various online games. Also, you can use the Kohi test to compete with your friends in click speed! Good luck! 😉


Check your mouse for double click test here. To test your cps use also cps counter

Kohi Click Test per 15 Seconds - Kohi Click Test 15 Seconds is a useful program for determining your standard clicking speed in a definite time interval, within some seconds. This instrument was designed to train beginners as well as experts in click speed virtual games, like Minecraft, Tekken, and other popular video games played worldwide. Using the Kohi Clicker Test that lasts 15 seconds, you can organize a contest with your friends, improve your playing speed, and, ultimately relax.

How to find your CPS score

CPS is a common estimator of how many quick clicks users can make in a limited time frame. Nevertheless, you will not only play with your mates or train your abilities. You can test yourself in a second, in a minute, or any specified period, and count the clicks you made - for instance, in 15 seconds period.

Tricks to Click Faster in Kohi Click test 15 Seconds

Players need to understand that they should do their best as it is such a limited period. It may seem that players can't score much in that short time frame, but some users have scored up to 15 clicks in a single second. Here are some effective tips to boost your CPS score. 

The principal thing is to learn novel techniques that have helped many gamers increase the duration of their game. One operative method is butterfly clicks. Automatic clicks are the stress-free way to do this. Use the butterfly click, or the so-called jitter clicks or the drag click to score more in the Kohi click test for 15 seconds.
 All novice players can do is learn from the clicking experts. These astonishing gamers can click so fast by leveraging various clicking methods mentioned before. Read and analyze these ways to improve your score. One more point that is important is the commencement of the game. Every CPS test is initiated a similar way no matter how long it is going to last - clicks in 15 seconds period, or within a minute, but the gamers have to be alert and start clicking instantly. The standard indicator for most pro players is within 8-10 clicks per second.

Finally, for the 15-second Kohi test variant, it is recommended for gamers to keep a linear game strategy rather than trying to make short bursts. The well-known proverb that states: “practice makes perfect” is a good tip for the quick clicking game. Kohi Test per 15 seconds is a great tool for evaluating your clicking speed. Besides, it lets improve your click speed in playing games and helps you easily win the opponent. How actively can you click consistently within 15 seconds?