Kohi Click Test per 30 Seconds Kohi Click Test 30 seconds

Hello there! 🖐️ Kohi click test per 30 seconds - compete with your friends - who clicks faster in a certain period of time in 30 seconds, and also train your skill for online games. Good luck! 😉


Check your mouse for double click test here. To test your cps use also cps counter

Kohi click test per 30 Seconds - The practice of making continuous clicks can turn you into a pro player. Additionally, you can try various timeframes among which there is a standard 30 seconds estimator. What is different in this mode? The sufficient amount of time to practice is the advantage of this Kohi Click Test 30-second game variant. Experiment by using your laptop’s touchpad or your mouse. We have also tried the same game and recorded the CPS indicator to see how it works. Try to motivate yourself to do more and measure your clicking pace via this assessment tool. The speed test lasts 30 seconds. The test may be difficult for some people as repeated clicking may strain your muscles and you will feel exhausted in a short period. To avoid this, you can try playing choosing other intervals. At first, try the brief 1 or Kohi Click Test 30 Seconds, then proceed with the more challenging competitions. By playing nonstop for 30 seconds you can assess your clicking power. The website has added one second, ten seconds, one hour, and a 100-seconds trial also. You will enjoy testing your fingers on them.

Tricks to Click Faster in 30 Seconds

Here are chosen operative tips to increase your CPS score:

  • The primary thing is to practice and use the latest playing techniques used by many gamers to increase the game quality and increase the duration of their game. So-called automatic clicks are the best way to do this. Use the common click types such as the drag clicker, the butterfly click, or the recognized jitter clicks to score more.

  • Beginner players can learn the techniques from the speed clicking pros. They can click so swiftly by using the practical methods mentioned earlier. Learn them to boost your tapping score. 

  • One more thing to remember is the game commencement. Every click pace test begins in the same way. Therefore, gamers need to stay alert and click promptly as soon as the game begins. The standard pointer for most professional speed click players is within the range of 8-10 clicks in one second. 

  • It may seem that the tester game for 30 seconds may result in some large numbers, but in real-life experience, it's vice versa. Since gradually the muscles of fingers get stuck, you may at times feel tired, and the score may get less.
  • Keep in mind that in such games practice is the best option. Keep practicing and eventually, your scores will increase. 30 seconds Kohi Test estimator will help you get higher scores and improve your overall speed in online games. Check out the test to view how energetically you can click in a 30-second game.