Kohi Click Test per 60 Seconds Kohi Click Test 60 seconds

Hello there! 🖐️ Kohi click test per 60 seconds will help you train the click speed, which is very necessary to successfully complete online games, and you can also use this tool in order to have fun with your friends. Good luck! 😉


Check your mouse for double click test here. To test your cps use also cps counter

Kohi Click Test per 60 Seconds - Do you like the clicking game and you want to measure your proficiency level? Kohi clicker test for sixty-seconds is one of the most interesting modes of the test. You can check your overall speed in a one-minute interval! The average indicator of 60-second Kohi click speed tester is 7 CPS and the World record indicator is 16 CPS. 

The term CPS is the special unit to calculate the rate of the clicks related to the time interval. The one-minute test is comparable to other test modes. At the end of the test, the game score will be shown in CPS. Try to click more than 500 times in a minute to check if you are an expert player. If your test scores are not high enough, you can work on your speed by practicing. 

Kohi Test per 60 seconds is an exclusive game, which can be found on various websites and apps. Many players take this test seriously, and eagerly compete to prove they are the fastest clickers. Kohi test is a precise measurement tool to show the click-through rate per second. Now, let’s look into how fast you can use your touchpad! Take your mouse, warm-up your fingers, and start!

How swiftly can you click the mouse in 60 Seconds?

Do you want to become the swiftest mouse clicker as well as win the click pace challenge? We will help you increase your playing speed. You can increase your clicking rate by regular and consistent practice of this game.

Let us guide you through the game. Use these tips to succeed:

  • Keep your hands relaxed and do not apply too much pressure.
  • Try different poses and finger positions.
  • Use of two fingers to boost the clicking speed
  • Putting your palm on the desk will keep you steady.
  • Try the double-clicking technique with the mouse.
  • Keep clicking as swiftly you can until the time runs out.
  • You can try to click the touchpad with the mouse at the same time. If you are using a laptop, keep a mouse in one hand, and the touchpad clicker in the other.

  • Everything in this game is related to the expertise and finger tap or click speed, and correct movement. Any online game that is played with the help of mouse clicks to defend or attack requires a quick reaction and energetic clicking ability. With the help of the 60-second Kohi test, you will be able to dramatically improve your tapping speed and improve your overall game performance. Yet, some gamers believe that clicking speed is not a critical factor, on the grand scale when it comes to gaming, things may change dramatically because of speed.